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Cereals, Malting and Mashing

Course code


Course type



Level 11



Senior course leader

Calum Holmes



Course Aims

The aims of this course are:

· Provide an understanding of the overall processes involved in the production of alcoholic drinks and be able to critically assess how the selection of raw materials and their processing influences the final products.

· Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the selection, breeding and development of barley and other cereal varieties, their biological and chemical structure and their harvesting and storage

· Provide detailed knowledge and understanding of the raw materials used in the production of beer and cereal based spirits.

· Provide a critical understanding of the physiology and composition of cereal grains.

· Provide the historical perspective for the development of cereal science and technology, with particular regard to malting and adjuncts

· Provide up-to-date information and understanding of current research into raw materials for brewing and distilling

· Provide in-depth knowledge of current malting techniques.

· Provide a detailed analysis of recent research on barley enzymes and physiology.

· Understand the physiology of cereal germination and the industrial application in the design and operation of maltings.

· Obtain a detailed knowledge and understanding of the science and technology of milling, mashing, and mash separation.

· Enable students to work as a team and to develop team-working skills.

· Provide students with expertise in data generation, processing, and report writing.

Learning Outcomes

Outcome Category (see details below)

Students will be able to:

·         Demonstrate a critical understanding of alcoholic drinks production.

·         Explain the differences in the manufacturing processes for alcoholic drinks, the parameters affecting the selection of raw materials and their use.

·         Demonstrate detailed knowledge of the breeding and development of barley varieties and their processing.

·         Explain in detail the technical and biochemical principles of wort production in breweries and distilleries.

·         Assess and interpret data from current research on cereals.

·         Evaluate the literature and research on cereals and adjuncts.

·         Demonstrate a critical understanding of the key raw materials used in brewing and distilling processes.

·         Explain the differences in the manufacturing processes for malt, un-malted cereals, syrups and sugars.

·         Understand the primary methods used during the analysis of malt and wort samples.  Explain the principle mechanisms that govern these standard analyses.

·         Analyse, process, and interpret experimental data and discuss the implications of this data within the context of current understanding and industrial application.


·         Evaluate the range of raw materials available for use within brewing and distilling industries.

·         Assess data collected during malting and mashing processes and evaluate aspects of product quality.


·         Learn to work alone, manage time, and prioritise workloads.


·         Learn to use suitable scientific language, writing, and referencing during preparation of coursework.

·         Use of appropriate statistical software to process and assess experimental data.


Learning outcome categories

Understanding, Knowledge and Cognitive Skills
Scholarship, Enquiry and Research (Research-Informed Learning)
Industrial, Commercial and Professional Practice
Autonomy, accountability and working with others
Communication, Numeracy and ICT

Course Availability

This course is available at the following locations:

Location Study Period
September (Semester 1)
September (Semester 1)

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